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Top Pleated Trousers Trends for Men in 2024

Mens Pleated trousers, a cornerstone of menswear for decades, are back in a big way for 2024. They offer a sophisticated yet comfortable alternative to the skinny jeans of yesteryear, providing a clean, structured silhouette that flatters most body types. But gone are the days of your dad's baggy pleated pants. This year's trends focus on modern cuts, innovative materials, and a renewed appreciation for classic tailoring.

So, if you're looking to elevate your wardrobe with a timeless piece that offers versatility and style, look no further than the pleated trouser. Here's a deep dive into the hottest pleated trouser trends for men in 2024:

The Return of the Relaxed Fit

Skinny jeans may have dominated the past decade, but comfort is king in 2024. Relaxed-fit mens pleated trousers offer a comfortable, laid-back look without compromising on style. The key is to find a trouser with a tapered leg that avoids a baggy appearance. This creates a flattering silhouette that drapes nicely without clinging. Look for styles with a slightly higher rise for a more polished look.

Material Matters: From Linen to Wool Blends

Mens Pleated trousers come in a wide variety of materials, each offering unique benefits and aesthetics. Here are some of the top choices for 2024:

  • Linen: Perfect for hot summer days, linen mens pleated trousers are breathable, lightweight, and effortlessly stylish. Opt for natural tones like beige, olive, or light grey for a relaxed vibe.
  • Cotton: A versatile choice for year-round wear, cotton mens pleated trousers offer a balance of comfort and structure. Look for chinos in classic khaki or experiment with bolder colors like navy or maroon.
  • Wool Blends: Ideal for cooler weather, wool blends offer warmth and a luxurious feel. Choose from classic herringbone patterns for a timeless look or explore contemporary options with subtle textures.

Color Confidence: Beyond Neutrals

While classic neutrals like black, navy, and grey will always be wardrobe staples, 2024 is the year to embrace color with your mens pleated trousers. Earthy tones like olive green and camel brown are big this season, offering a sophisticated yet relaxed feel. Don't be afraid to experiment with bolder colors like burgundy or mustard yellow for a statement piece.

The Double Pleat vs. Reverse Pleat Debate

Pleated Pants Men typically come in two main styles: double pleats and reverse pleats. Here's a breakdown to help you decide:

  • Double Pleats: Offering a more relaxed and voluminous look, mens double pleated trousers are ideal for casual settings or for those who prefer a looser fit.
  • Reverse Pleats: Creating a cleaner, more streamlined silhouette, reverse pleats are a popular choice for dressier occasions or for a more modern aesthetic.

Key Features of Mens Pleated Trousers

Now that we've explored the trends, let's delve into the key features that define mens pleated trousers:

  • Pleats: The defining characteristic, pleats are vertical folds sewn into the fabric of the trousers, typically at the front near the waistband. They provide added comfort and allow for more room in the hip and thigh area.
  • Rise: The rise refers to the distance between the crotch seam and the top of the waistband. A higher rise offers a more formal look, while a lower rise is more casual.
  • Taper: The taper refers to how the leg of the trouser narrows from the knee to the ankle. A slight taper creates a balanced and flattering silhouette.
  • Cuffs: Pleated trousers can come with or without cuffs. Cuffed trousers offer a more traditional look, while cuffless styles have a more modern aesthetic.

Styling Tips for Men's Pleated Trousers

Mens Pleated trousers offer incredible versatility and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Here are some tips to help you style them flawlessly:

  • Formal: Pair your pleated formal trousers with a crisp dress shirt, a tailored blazer, and dress shoes for a sharp and sophisticated look.
  • Business Casual: Opt for a button-down shirt with a relaxed collar or a fine-knit sweater for a business casual ensemble. Loafers or Chelsea boots are perfect footwear choices.
  • Casual: Elevate your casual look with a well-fitting t-shirt or a lightweight henley paired with your mens pleated trousers. Sneakers or boat shoes complete the look.


Q.1 What are pleated trousers?

Mens pleated trousers have one or more folds (pleats) at the waist, usually in the front. These pleats add extra fabric around the hips and thighs, creating a looser fit compared to flat-front trousers.

Q.2 What are the benefits of pleated trousers?

  • Comfort: The extra fabric allows for greater freedom of movement, especially when sitting.
  • Flattering fit: Pleats can drape well and accommodate a wider range of body types.
  • Style: Pleated trousers can add a touch of classic elegance to your outfit.

Q.3 Are pleated trousers in style?

Pleated trousers are making a comeback! While they may not be the most modern option, they can be a stylish and sophisticated choice when worn correctly.

Q.4 How many pleats should my trousers have?

Most pleated trousers have one or two pleats.

  • Single pleats: Offer a subtle detail and can work well in both formal and casual settings.
  • Double pleats: Create a more relaxed and fuller silhouette, often seen in classic business attire.

Q.5 What should I wear with pleated trousers?

Pleated trousers can be dressed up or down. Here are some ideas:

  • Formal: Pair pleated trousers with a dress shirt, tie, and blazer for a classic look.
  • Business casual: Combine them with a button-down shirt, sweater, or polo shirt.
  • Casual: Pleated chinos can look great with a t-shirt or henley.


Mens Pleated trousers offer a timeless blend of style and functionality. Their classic design not only enhances comfort with additional room at the waist but also adds a touch of sophistication to any wardrobe. Whether for formal occasions or daily wear, the pleats create a polished silhouette that complements various body types. With versatility in both professional and casual settings, these trousers remain a staple choice for those seeking both comfort and elegance in their attire.

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